In an e-mail sent out to push, the business teased five new game statements, as well as release dates for our first video game on Switch and a game including a lovable black and white bear.” The company is, of course, describing Disgaea 5 Complete and Danganronpa V3: Killling Harmony. There’s no release date revealed beyond 2017, but we ‘d expect episode one to land around the exact same time as the 2nd movie: April 2017. A 2017 release for Days Gone is likely some wishful thinking, however we can’t reject that we’re fascinated with this survival zombie armageddon video game. Fans can now play Xbox 360 titles Mega Male 9, Mega Man 10 and Beat ‘n Groovy on their next-gen consoles.

Kairosoft appear to be rather hectic nowadays, having currently launched one game on Android recently after releasing it in Japanese a number of week prior. Costs also revealed why fans are left waiting most of time to find out exactly what Xbox 360 classics are being dealt with. Ubisoft’s co-op online fighter For Honor shows guarantee for February, together with Xbox One special Halo Wars 2 and the bombastic return of Sniper Elite.

And if it can do that plus make its open world multiplayer a bit more smooth with less loading, a lot of us will be leaping back into Destiny in 2017 that is, if it really sees the light of 2017. For now, be gotten ready for what’s likely to become the ultimate fart joke game when it strikes in early 2017. Still, the PS4 exclusive is being made by Insomniac Games, the developers of Ratchet & Clank and the Resistance games, so there readies need to be optimistic. Perhaps the most amazing gaming news to come out of 2016 is the announcement that Red Dead Redemption 2 is official and will be arriving on consoles late in 2017. As it stands today, Job CARS 2 is the just new racing video game we’re thrilled about in 2017.

Update 2/2/17: We received quite a few Battlefront 2 details yesterday, consisting of a main confirmation that it will introduce in holiday 2017 and whatever will be larger”. Developer Undead Labs is arranged to launch its follow-up, State of Decay 2. Today, some brand-new info surfaced over at IGN about the size of the video game world and 4 player co-op, and now we’re more thrilled than we were when it was initially announced at E3 2016.

We do understand that it’s being developed by Crystal Characteristics and Eidos Montreal, the groups responsible for the recent Burial place Raider and Deus Ex games respectively, which is a pretty good indication. Fans can now grab Rayman Origins on either console due to Xbox One In reverse Compatibility till January 31.

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